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It would appear that the site was begun in the beginning of December 2002. In the end of December 2003, the site may have been made public. Sometime in the end of March or the beginning of April 2004 I divided my quotes up and moved them to "quotes/". Around the 15th of April, 2004, I deleted much of the site. I was trying to remove a bad symbolic link whose name began with a "?", so I typed "rm ?*". Unfortunately, ? is a shell wildcard character, so I deleted all the files in my public_html folder. I spent the next few days trying to find the pages in my Linux and Windows caches, and reformatting my netscape mirror (dating from December-ish). On April 19th, 2004, I wrote this page to replace my old "me" page. At nearly midnight, Tuesday, April 20, 2004, I recopied my website and made it live.

Newly created site history is now being moved over to news so you might to go there. That is also the location of my blog.


This site is usually valid HTML Strict 4.01, except in a few cases


This site has depended on several others. Andrew for helping me to find backgrounds, and telling me to include DOCTYPE definitions and to start syntax checking my pages. It was probably Reid who first got me interested in writing some CGI scripts (which are still being worked on). I also thank squidfingers for their repository of backgrounds which I was using for a long time. The various books I've read are also helpful. I've used a lot, and what would the web be without the W3C and their validator A growing part of the styling comes from the Paly website.

Server names

I name my machine after the UNESCO World Heritage Center's list of world heritage sites. The original idea came from my dad, and it seemed like a fine approach so I copied him. Here's the list of names that I've used:

I've also used or considered using heritage sites for other purposes:

Short lists


Pictures & Backgrounds

  1. Squidfingers
  2. Snowman (future)
  3. Christmas tree
  4. Abraham Lincoln (background is lighter, and has less contrast
  5. Blue flower (again, several modifications have been made)

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