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ET Retreat

This weekend 'twas ET retreat. It was pretty fun. Unfortunately, I spent Friday night and Saturday morning tooling on 6.828 (much spent finding a stupid bug where I wrote roughly "n > NDIRECT" instead of "n >= NDIRECT"...), so I didn't get to do fun stuff Friday night, and didn't do the Saturday afternoon activities (due to a mixture of still tooling and being tired from staying up the night before).

A highlight of the trip was Alioth teaching a bunch of Thetans how to contra dance. It was sorta fun to help out with that a bit, but helping people who hadn't done Contra before. It went... reasonably well. There were definitely some false starts in teaching some calls, and the calling wasn't as smooth as some I've heard, but given the inexperience of the dancers and the teacher/caller, it went pretty well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, too.

I also spent some time in the hot tub with Alioth and Sally (and, for some of the time, Mark), which was fun.


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