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Website updates

Since I last posted any useful site news, I've:

  • Added a LiveJournal crossposter to the blog --- most of my posts will be ending up on LiveJournal, if you'd rather read them there
  • Made some minor tweaks to the software that runs this site and the blog --- less stupid host autodetection, nicer URLs for blog entries, etc.
  • Moved to new hosting --- I have a new server (lushan, replacing borobudur), a new hosting VM (masada, replacing borobudur), and a new location (my desk at ET, replacing under my desk at home). This should provide better network connectivity, more IP addresses, and physical access if problems arise during the large fraction of the year when I'm in Massachusetts.
  • Gotten a certificate trusted by orders of magnitude more people (though still not the general public...) --- it's now signed by the MIT CA instead of me
  • Gotten a somewhat cooler URL --- --- no tilde, arguably cooler domain name

There's probably something else, but...


  • Website
  • Site news

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