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The Blog, and a LiveJournal Cross-poster

Way back when, when I was actually using my blog (or at least developing for it...), I decided to write an LJ crossposter component. It might be fun, possibly educational... and maybe it would make it easier for people to read the thing. I started work on it, but never actually managed to finish.

When nelhage started organizing his Iron Blogger, I was slightly interested... Of course, this left the exciting question of what I wanted to do in terms of blogging platform. The obvious options being:

  • Some platform with, you know, actual users and features (probably WordPress?)
  • This system, but with some significant coding work
  • This system, but with little-to-know coding work

I think I've settled on some combination of the last two options... In theory, the third option, but we'll see how that goes.

Anyway, with my interest in the platform revived, I looked into LiveJournal crossposting again. So far as I can tell, since I last was working on this PEAR grew a blog API. I figured out how to use it, submitted a couple feature requests and corresponding patches upstream, and integrated it (slightly) with my blog. I now seem to have functional cross-posting...

Now on to my fourth post... And hence, LiveJournal Mathcampers, the mood... :)


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