Short Essays

This section of my website is essentially a space to put my random musings on random topics. Typically, they will be about one paragraph long, and probably won't contain any useful information...

Education & Fairness

An important question is how educational resources are distributed. Clearly, one must try to distribute them fairly, but then what is fairness? Some, especially those who have children with learning disbilities would advocate bringing all students to the same educational level. This is more or less what the No Child Left Behind Act tries to do (I think). However, those who lean more towards gifted youth would point out that gifted children would get very little help under such a plan. Instead, they would advocate proving equal resources to each student. Some might even go so far as to claim that equality isn't the goal, but rather optimizing advantage to society. For that, perhaps, we would train thousands of incredible genuise, hundreds of thousands of smart lawyers, doctors, programmers, and the like. Finally, there would be huge numbers of people suited for implementing basic tasks. Presumably, that would result in some reversion to Medieval-style societies. Although creating a fair educational system might seem straightforward, there is much room for debate.